Oh Allah,
I don't deserve thy blessings of paradise,

Yet,I don't have the strength to withstand thy torments of hell fire,

Thus accept my repentance,

and grant me thy forgiveness for my sins,

for thou art the forgiver of great sins.

Whatever we do,we need du'a in order to get blessed from Him.We can't do anything without asking for a help from Him." Jika Dia menghendaki sesuatu,Jadi,maka jadilah ia."

Don't be so arrogant.From Allah we come,to Allah we return.

If you want something,make some efforts,don't forget to du'a and the last steps,tawakkal.Tawakkal,when you have made some efforts not leave it to him with doing nothing.

Note : Just finished answering Law of Tort.Such kind of tough questions.It's going to kill me and had successfully made myself feeling not well.What can do is leave to Allah.Dia Yang maha Berkuasa atas setiap sesuatu.Oh,fever,stay away.I need to do some efforts for the next coming test,Islamic Legal system this Friday...

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