The permanent thing in life is changes.

Yes,i got the point.It's true what Mdm Humaiyah has told us before.Suddenly I miss you so much Mdm.

People can't be separated with changes.People always change.Changes always happened in people's life.The changes they undergo will be known either expressly or impliedly.Sometimes such changes happened without being noticed.Positive changes will give us happiness indeed.
Good changes will produce positive attitude and vice versa.but it begins with the biggest part influenced human life,that is Heart.

HEART,the house of all our feelings.Love,affection,jealousy,revenge,hate etc.

Pure heart will produce good attitude.dirty heart will make people behave badly.So,why do we need to plant the negative feelings in our ONLY HEART?

We have ONLY ONE HEART.So, do take care of our heart.

I Love my heart and it belongs to Him Only.

Ya Allah jangan Kau pesongkan hati kami setelah Engkau kurniakan hidayah.HidayahMu yang tidak ternilai mahal harganya untuk orang-orang yang terpilih.

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