Leaves and life.

It's already three weeks we were in a new year,new Hijri calendar has opened,1433H!
For sure,our age also increased.Only now i have time to sign in into this blog,why?heee...all tests,presentations,assignments are over! Alhamdulillah,,,but the Final Exam will come to see me soon.Syndrom exam will be wrapped around!

New year.New calendar.New leaf of life.
How long we have been living in this world? what we have done in our life all this while? hurmmm.... the answers were in our hands. yesterday has passed,it will not turn back.just forget about yesterday (but don't forget to learn from it!).If yesterday was bad,we still have today and tomorrow. . .
It's not about what our dreams,hopes or wishes for every new year,but our plan! What we're gonna do for the next,it's also in our hand.Plan to achieve our goals as much as we can,as hard as we're able to.Still remember this quotes which appeared in our life since in primary school??

"If you fail to plan,you plan to fail."

Thank to Allah.He still gives us a chance to live,open the eyes,to breath.Don't waste this opportunity to grab as much as good deeds and to be a better Muslim.Keep your heart away from negative elements! So many people love to hate others,love to think bad about others.why we need to behave like that?Just "husnu zhon" towards others.What we can see outside may not be the same with what can't see inside.

a woman wearing hijab with bad attitude and a woman without hijab with good attitude,always a hijab woman is better one as she did what Allah asks to all women to cover their aurah compared to a free hair woman.An attitude is just a matter of iman.Everyone has their own levels of iman. Tak semua orang Islam beriman,Tak semua orang beriman berihsan.

Not everything in your life will last forever.When one thing leaves your life,another thing enters your life. . . =)