That's Me.

Every years.

Every months.

Every weeks.

Every days.

Every times.

Every hours.

Every minutes.

Every seconds.

Every moments.

We're always trying to do the best.

Trying to avoid from doing mistakes in everything we do.

Sometimes learn from other 's mistakes is the best teacher.

Sometimes people will think that they are like rubbish if they are doing even a small mistake.

We want everything to be perfect!

But . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We're not angel.

We can't escape from doing mistake.

Me too.I'm not an angel.

I'm just a human.

Always doing the mistakes. (and sometimes repeat the same mistake. *sigh*)

Sometimes doing the sinful and wrongful action.

I realize that I won't be able to satisfy everyone.

I knew that outside there,

There are two kinds of people,like and dislike me.

I know I have my weakness.

I'm also know that I have my own strength.

We've to realize and accept that we're not perfect.

Nobody is perfect.

I can't do everything you like.

I can't fulfill all your wishes and your dreams.
I'm trying my best to do the best in my life and to others.

We are complementary to each other to make life beautiful.

I'm myself and no anybodyelse,

I'll try and always be myself.

So,I'm not perfect.

. . . That's me . . .

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