Yesterday was my birthday.
Thanks for the wishes.

But it seemed a normal day for me.
...because it reminded me more on death.
... The 'day' i will be alone...back to The Creator.

Forgive me for all my wrong doings on you.
May we won't redeem from each other in Mahsyar.
May we meet in Jannah.

"O, Allah, The All Mighty..we repent for all the sins we did. Show Your guidance and bless us fi dunnya wal aakhirah.." aamin..

#special thanks to my beloved brother,may all your dreams come true and just wanna pray the best for you fi dunnya wal aakhirah. aamin..
AND to all of you,AIKOLIANS,thank you so much for spending your time.You're the best gift that Allah sent to me as my birthday present for this year.Alhamdulillah,Thank you Allah. =)#

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