You are never alone

Sometimes the world's not on your side,
sometimes you feel like you cannot go on with certain matters,
You gaze at the clouds in the sky,
at the stars in the sky
and at the mountains so high,
through the tears in the eyes,
looking for a reason of what has happened in life
Just remember,remember and remember that you are not alone.
Through sorrow and grief
Through happiness and peace
you will never be alone.
Again,just remember,remember and remember you are not alone.
Allah is always by your side.
But knowing nothings going to last
See the life is but a road
a straight and narrow path
to our final abode
So travel well Muslims
Do goods,avoid evils
Obey all His commands
Follow the sunnah of our Prophet s.a.w.
Hold these two things,Quran and sunnah.
InshaAllah,Paradise will be your home

updating the blog while staring at this clouds in the sky,then I managed to snap it,add to my collections. ;D This is what I see during my loneliness in my own room as my roommates overnight outside.But I know,I'm not alone because Allah is always with me.

Sometimes I think loneliness is better.It was made me think about so many things deeply.Then having privacy to . . . . . . . . . . "my secret with Him".Yes,I like. *thumbs up*
When in need of someone to talk to,don't forget that He is always be there to hear your voice.It's just we are arrogant and always forget Him!!and solely retuned to Him when afflicted with problem or need His help or are being tested by Him!

Come on people!!! Back to Him.Be obsessed with love of Allah.Remember Him wherever you are.It will never be the same feeling as falling in love with a man.Trust me!we have nothing without His love and also remember that we are just His servant!From Allah we come,To Him we will return.

Note : ya Allah ya Rabbi ya Karim,,ampunkan kami yang cetek ilmunya,singkat hayatnya dan sempit pengalamannya,sekiranya kami berjalan di muka bumiMu dengan penuh keangkuhan...semoga tarbiyyahMu menjadikan kami hamba yang bersyukur... Ameeennn

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nasiha sakina said...

`wah. rinduuu cfs lak tetiba. NASI TELUR BISTIK !!!!!!