Let it go

When the hurt is too great the scar is too disgusting
When you were having the hardest time,
Words that you couldn't ever say to anyone you kept in your heart
It was so hard but trust me,put your trust to Allah
He will ease your affairs

A person who has hurt you must be forgotten unconditionally
Take the chance to make everything is about to become memories 
even though he or she has caused you pained
*hmm..???? questioning.......*
Can all of them become memories?
Yes,it can because it's not easy to forget someone

When wounds have healed,everything will become blurry
In the end,even the scars will have disappeared but there would also be scars that cannot disappeared
The real is,you weren't real to each other but you were just passing your time

You have to let go of the past for the future to come 

Note : jangan simpan dendam dalam hati.biarkan kesakitan dilemparkan terus tumpah ke tanah seperti tumpahnya air ke tanah. [ok,apa saya membebel ni.happy studying untuk pelajar-pelajar =) ]

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